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Heaven-Sense Healing and Training

Spiritual Therapies* Energy Work* Readings* Workshops* Accredited Courses* 


Mediumship: This type of reading is based on linking with the spiritual realms. For a loved one, to communicate with a friend or family member that has passed over, who have made their transition from this physical world, back to their spirit world. The general reason of this reading is an opportunity to receive their guidance. To have their personality, information regarding their passing, and shared memories. This can bring great comfort and help loved ones to move-on within their own lives.

Ribbons: As you feel the different coloured ribbons with your hands, and you are drawn to particular colours, I then read the energy that you have imprinted upon them. With the energy and the colours I collate information for you.

Tarot: Using the tarots, I build up the energies to link into what the cards represent to the individual. I am not a fortune teller and cannot 'tell the future', however guidance and support from the tarots can often be the most beneficial for the person who is having the reading.

This combination of reading can help someone who needs direction within their life.

Oracle: Using oracle, I build a pictures of the energies that are encircling the seeker and see what guidance the cards give to help the seeker on their pathway/ journey.


30-60 Minutes £25.00

The reading you book can be set as one of the above or a combination. There are no set rules and sometimes allowing a reading to just fall into place on its own can be the best reading for most. Feel free to ask what type of read you would like.

Distant Readings

Readings are via What'sapp or Facebook Messenger


Remote energy clearing for your home or yourself.

£10 For each gridding that is required.

£5 Remote energy clearing if required prior to a therapy session

Remote Spells Work and Healing


£10 Healing Spells (allow 30 mins) from £10 depending on candles and depth of spell work


£25 Healing Spell combined with Distant Reiki (allow 45 - 60 Mins)


£10 Spiritual Crystal Healing Grid Work