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Heaven-Sense Healing and Training

Spiritual Therapies* Energy Work* Readings* Workshops* Accredited Courses* 


One of the most popular skincare treatments is known as a traditional full facial treatment, which involves the use of cleansing, toning and moisturising preparations followed by a soothing facial massage. Depending on the specific needs of the client’s skin, a face mask may also be used to further soothe, moisturise and/or exfoliate dead skin cells. The preparations used at all stages of a manual facial treatment are chosen by the therapist to provide the maximum benefit to the client, and the products used will be selected according to whether the client has a dry, oily, combination, mature or sensitive skin. With any of the facials below any allergies can be easy adapted to suit the individual needs.


During an aromatherapy facial, the skin is analysed to determine which essential oils will most benefit the individual's skin type. The essential oils used to massage the facial area can also be mixed into the facial mask. Having a facial treatment is usually a relaxing experience, this is enhanced with the use of an essential oil with relaxing or stress-relieving properties. Some essential oils are known of their ability to induce relaxation, such as lavender and peppermint, which are also good for sensitive skin or skin prone to rashes.  

60 Minutes £30.00

This full luxury facial begins the removal of your make-up and do a double cleanse before we exfoliate your skin and after next applying a full facial hot towel to prepare the skin for analyses, we then apply a bespoke clay blended facial mask and massage your arm & hands whilst the mask is working .Then after, we remove the mask with hot towels and tone the skin, pressure points are applied to the face before we massage the face using warm oils, then moisturise the skin to complete the treatment.


Crystal facials is to instil peace, clarity and balance to the mind, body and spirit. You will experience essential oils and the beauty of crystals. This therapy will also include a full chakra balancing to help re-balance your equilibrium inline to assist with the re-balancing to the 'Whole' system.

60 Minutes £30.00

This full facial begins with a skin analysis then cleansing, exfoliating, facial steaming (optional) and an application of a mask for a deep skin cleanse releasing impurities. A relaxing chakra balance aids the healing to the mind, body and spirit while the mask works its magic and after you will enjoy a soothing crystal massage. This tailor-made crystal facial will have a prescriptive skin care routine using natural products and essential oils as well as your crystals; whether chosen or picked for your personal needs.


This facial brings the wonderful elements from around the world. Using unique essential oils prescribed just for you.

We combine these with Lava Clay, Exfoliate and Carrier Oil, to improve the skins appearance and the Hot Volcanic Lava Basalt Stones to aid well-being and bring a feeling of balance, grounding and equilibrium to the body.

60 Minutes £30.00

This full facial begins with the placement of warm basalt stones on your chakra points and hands. Whilst the mask is working, warm basalt stones are used to massage your upper chest, arms and hands. After the removal of the mask this beautiful facial is completed by massaging the face and scalp using the warm blended oils and hot basalt stones.


This Express facial is perfect for young skins.

Skin Analysis, Deep Double Cleanse, Light Exfoliation, Facial Steaming using Ozone and a Bespoke Clay Mask and Moisturise.

Using all natural products made by Naturally Thinking you can order your facial products to maintain your skin in-between visits.

30 Minutes £20.00


Ear Candles are a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax and therapeutic oils, that is painlessly inserted into the ear to draw out impurities, relieve pressure in the head and sinuses, and aid natural drainage.

Ear Candling £25.00

Ear Candling will include make-up removal and completing the treatment with an express facial drainage massage using essential oils.

Ear Candling 60 Minutes £30.00

Ear Candling will include make-up removal and completing the treatment with a facial massage using oils and either of the massages listed below:

  • Hot Basalt Stone
  • Salt Stone
  • Bamboo & Rosewood
  • Crystal Gem Stone
  • Thai Compress (additional £3)
  • Seashell

Ear Candling 75 Minutes £35.00

This session will include a full bespoke traditional facial including a mask and an Aromatherapy massage to the face, upper chest and the choice of an Arm or Foot massage while the mask is working..


The Hot/Cold Stone & Salt Stone Facial Massage Therapy is a treatment for the mind, body and spirit. Using Hot Basalt, Cold River Stones and Marble together with warmed Himalayan Salt Stones it helps to stimulate cell renewal, heal and re-energise the skin while promoting a feeling of wellbeing as the stones ground and balance the energy field; together with the bespoke products this makes it a wonderful therapy treatment to have.

75 Minutes £35.00

This full facial begins with the placement of warm basalt stones on your chakra points. Whilst the mask is working, cool stones are placed on the face while warm basalt stones are used to massage your arms and hands. To complete this facial acupressure moves are applied to the face before finishing with massaging using warm oils, hot & cold basalt/ river stones and salt stones. 


 Warmed Bamboo tools of varying lengths and diameter and Warm Rosewood Rollers are used to roll, knead and relax muscles and it is beneficial in that it brings about increased circulation, relief of sore muscles and a deep state of relaxation. Bamboo symbolises suppleness and resilience, straightforwardness and simplicity; and the massage satisfies two major needs: relaxation and well-being. It has a crystalline structure which provides not just a piezoelectrical charge but when warmed a pyroelectrical charge too. So it only fitting to include a quartz chakra balancing to the therapy healing also.

 75 Minutes £35.00

This full facial begins with the placement of clear quartz crystal gemstones on your chakra points. During the facial, whilst the mask is working a chakra balance is carried out. After, when the mask is removed we massage the face, upper chest and shoulders using the warm bamboo and rosewood and rice oil.

Polynesian Seashell Facial Therapy

Seashells were used by the Polynesians to help assist in massages as the shells were found to help relieve stress and general aches and pains. They are also used to energise and heal the body. Shells are a wonderful source of energy for relieving tension and stress in the face and body. They contain the essence of the powerful yet subtle energies of the oceans which nurture our planet. Their resonance facilitates the opening to a greater awareness for our nature, and creates the feeling of harmony in our minds, soul and bodies.

75 Minutes £35

This full facial begins with the placement of Seashells on your chakra points. Whilst the mask is working using beautiful mineral products, warm seashells are used to massage your lower arms and hands. To complete this facial acupressure moves are applied to the face before finishing with massaging using warm coconut oil and a range of warm seashells to the upper chest, upper arms and face.


Tibetan Acu-Sound Crystal Facial Therapy is an extremely effective treatment. It uses tuning forks in a non-invasive way to re-align and balance the body's natural energy fields and to help clear energetic blockages. These tuning folks are used on acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eyes to stimulate the body's natural energies (Qi). Because muscle groups are addressed as well as the acupuncture points, the face lifts itself, via the stimulation and through the muscle toning and tightening action. Tibetan Quartz Crystals are also used to perform a relaxing non-surgical face lift massage stimulating cell renewal and re-energise the skin whilst promoting a feeling of wellbeing with the added benefit of the healing powers of the Tibetan crystals. Tibetan Chimes and Tibetan Singing bowls are also used during the treatment. The different techniques incorporated in this facial stimulate blood and circulation, which improves facial colour and helps tonify the underlying tissue. Sound Therapy can be used to treat any illness or ailment or physical, emotional, as it works at a fundamental energetic level.

90 Minutes £40.00

This facial massage begins with an full facial before the warm oils, crystal palms and the tuning forks are incorporated into a beautifully harmonizing sound therapy. to bring peace to the mind, body and spirit.


Thai Herbal Facial Compress Balls are a wonderful way to combine heat therapy, herbal therapy, and aromatherapy in one modality. Thai herbal facial compresses are soaked in water then Steamed, which releases the healing properties of the medicinal traditional herbs inside. The herbs help nourish and revitalize the skin, making the face silky-smooth, soft, and young-looking. The herbal facial compresses stimulate and improve blood and lymph circulation keeping skin healthy and invigorated. The compresses can be rolled or gently pressed on affected areas or simply left on one spot on the face for a length of time. Thai acupressure is the physiotherapy of Thailand and is widely practiced. 

75 Minutes £35.00

This full facial begins with a full facial. Whilst the mask is working, steamed compresses are used to massage your arms and hands. To complete this facial acupressure moves are applied to the face before finishing with the steamed Thai compresses and warm oils to massage the face, chest and shoulders. Soothing, Rejuvenating, stimulating yet restful.